Morgan Thermal Ceramics Furnace Industries offers a wide range of crucibles made from Fused Silica and Fireclay.

CriuciblesThe high quality of our materials makes them the perfect choice for use in the fusion of gold/silver bearing ores. They can be used multiple times due to their high erosion resistance.

We offer a wide range of crucibles from 30 gram up to 65 gram with a wide range of diameters.

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 30 Gram  40 Gram  50 Gram  55 Gram  65 Gram
Outside Diameter 86 mm Outside Diameter 88 mm Outside Diameter 103 mm Outside Diameter 87 mm Outside Diameter 106 mm
Inside Diameter 74 mm Inside Diameter 78 mm Inside Diameter 91 mm Inside Diameter 75 mm Inside Diameter 92 mm
Height 107 mm Height 135 mm Height 143 mm Height 158 mm Height 164 mm
Volume 240 ML Volume 340 ML Volume 435 ML Volume 390 ML Volume 550 ML
Qty per crate Qty per carton Qty per crate Qty per carton Qty per crate Qty per carton Qty per crate Qty per carton Qty per crate Qty per carton
2040 64 1680 48 1440 36 1380 32 1200 27

Our specialist technical engineers work closely with our customers to select the right size crucible for your requirements, so contact us today to find out more.

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